Here is  the German family Bihlmaier

Otto and Lisa Bihlmaier born Kaupp

with their children

We are living in Germany, England and Spain, but our origin in Swabia.

The sister of our forefather David Bihlmaier in Birkmannsweiler was called Eva Katharine Schiller.
Maybe that even the famous poet Friedrich Schiller is a relative?

Mr. Kurt Bihlmaier has built a family archive Bihlmaier .
He collected all dates of the name Bihlmaier from Wurttemberg .
With his help, we could find out our forefathers, we express our thanks for that.
Hans Bühlmayer is the eldest in the family tree of Bihlmaier in the Winnenden area.
He came to Birkmannsweiler between 1620 and 1624 and he was married. 
Until now, nobody could find out , where he came from.

Mr. Kurt Bihlmaier agreed to help all members of the Bihlmaier family to find out their lineage.
Here you can send an :
to him.

This is our Bihlmaier lineage:

Hans Bühlmayer
weaver ,mayor
+16.02.1676, Birkmannweiler
oo 22.10.1643 Winnenden Barbara Blessing
(widow of  Martin Dilger)
*15.06.1616 Höfen
+16.03.1692 Birkmannweiler
Caspar Bihlmayer
weaver, judge
*19.10.1655 Birkmannweiler
+10.07.1731 Birkmannweiler
oo 11.11.1679 Winnenden Anna Müller
*30.03.1656 Baach
+22.04.1729 Birkmannweiler
Johann David Bilmajer
*20.11.1700 Birkmannsweiler
+05.01.1763 Birkmannweiler
oo 22.08.1730 Winnenden Anna Maria Klöpfer
*16.07.1706 Birkmannweiler
+07.01.1763 Birkmannweiler
Johann Georg Bihlmajer
*20.09.1731 Birkmannsweiler
+18.03.1774 Birkmannsweiler
oo 25.04.1752 Winnenden Anna Catharina Braun
*21.03.1731 Birkmannsweiler
+15.03.1784 Birkmannsweiler
Johann David Bihlmajer
*22.03.1755 : Birkmannsweiler
+23.12.1830 Birkmannsweiler
oo 15.11.1797 Winnenden Katharina Barbara Höllwarth
*23.07.1773: Breuningsweiler
+08.02.1817 Birkmannsweiler
Johann Jakob Bihlmaier
vine grower
*16.03.1807 Birkmannsweiler,
+20.11.1854 , Winnenden
oo 11.08.1835 Winnenden Catharina Friderike Krehl
*21.01.1807 Winnenden
+10.02.1888 Winnenden
Johann Jakob Bihlmaier
vine grower
*08.05.1836 Winnenden
+26.05.1896 , Winnenden
oo 20.04.1869 Winnenden Katharina Hägele
*21.12.1839 Breuningsweiler
+08.07.1915 Winnenden
Johann Jakob Bihlmaier
*15.03.1874 Winnenden
+03.06.1941 Winnenden
oo 17.5.1902 Winnenden
parents of our father
Ernst Otto Bihlmaier
* 14.2.1915 +12.8.2002
and his brothers and sisters:
-Helene Bihlmaier
-Heinrich Christian Bihlmaier
(emigrated to USA, later called Henry)
-Karl Friedrich Bihlmaier
(emigrated to USA)
-Margarete Gross
Wilhelmine Frieda Seitz
*20.02.1881 Buoch
+16.09.1934 Winnenden


Bihlmaier family 1924

Karl , Johann Jakob, Otto
Margarete, Wilhelmine Frieda, Helene

The lineage of our mother  Lisa Bihlmaier born Kaupp ( * 4.5.1927 +11.9.2011 )  goes back to the 
cathedral preacher of  Ulm
Dr.Conrad Dieterich, * 9.1.1575, + 23.3.1639